Day tour from the port of Haifa on Apr. 16.2017

You can do a half day in Jerusalem, and a half day at the Dead Sea
There is not enough time to also do Masada
Walk Part the via dolorosa visiting the Wailing Wall and the church of the Holy Sepulcher
Drive to Qumran Continue to swim in the Dead Sea
Back to Haifa via Jordan Valley
Our price would be the following.

The minimum required, 4 guests carry out the trip

Ashdod or Haifa- Jerusalem – Dead Sea
 Private tour $ 850 a day up to 8 pass

Up to 9 passengers $ 150 each
Up to 13 passengers $ 130 each
Up to 15 passengers $ 120 each
Up to 19 passengers $ 80 each

החל מ 80 $