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Haifa, the third-largest city in Israel, lies on the western slope of Mount Carmel, descends to the Mediterranean coast and offers spectacular views of the sea and the Carmel region. It has the second largest port in the country, higher education, and many interesting museums.
Haifa is particularly well known for the harmonious interaction between the various religions, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, and Baha'i.
The most magnificent sight in Haifa is the Bahai Temple, the Shrine of the Báb. This golden marble building was built in 1953 at the burial of Said Ali Muhammad Bab, whom the founders of the Bahá'í Faith saw the precursor of the Bahá'í faith. The temple is like another Bahai temple, in Acre surrounded by a beautiful garden. 19 luxurious terraces extending from the base to the top of the Carmel
One of the best-known churches in Haifa is Stella Maris Church. This monastery of the Carmelites is a center of pilgrimage. In the churchyard, there is a monument to the soldiers of Napoleon whose house is here. Across the road, there is a statue of Mary, standing in front of the so-called Vila Pachas Villa. From there you can descend to Elijah in the Cave of the Prophet down the Carmel.
Next to the Stella Maris church, there is a Haifa cable car station. From there you go directly to the beach, look at part of the city center through the cable car windows.
It is also worth visiting the University of Haifa. The 27-story University Tower stands on one of Carmel's peaks. The upper level is specially designed for panoramic views. The tower is the top of a large complex, which includes a good museum.